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PONSEL CDMA Nokia Baru (bahasa Inggris)

TERBUKTI 3.000.000,-/BULAN

Nokia is not enthusiastic about working on GSM cell phone models only, the proof nokia also developed designs for CDMA phones. Removing this time nokia 3 series and the Nokia 6316s, Nokia 3806 and Nokia 1506 with a variety of attractive models and support mmumpuni features and of course ready to pamper customers.

Nokia 6316s CDMA has a cool slider design, and powerful. The handset was developed in addition to communication access feature is also a powerful multimedia sperti music, pictures, web browsing and GPS access. The phone is also very neatly designed with stainless steel wrapped. Color options for the Nokia 6316s are black, gold and red. Hanpdhone also been supported 2.2 inch QVGA screen and of course there is also a camera that has a resolution of 2 mega pixels. To connect Nokia 6316s CDMA provides access Bluetooth A2DP and 3G CDMA connections quick to explore the world of Cyber.

For Nokia 3806 CDMA has an elegant design Candybar slim and stylish. almost equal to nokia 6316s, nokia CDMA 3806 is also equipped with screen 2.2 inch QVGA display and 2 mega pixel camera. Also this phone is also provided an external memory slot capable of upgrading to 8 GB that needs music, photos, videos etc can be fulfilled with the memory of it. Choice of colors for nokia 3806, among others, rose gold, piano black, pure white. One thing the advantages of this phone compared to other phones that offer services to the Health Assistant will help handle the stress levels in daily life and make consumers happy.

Another of the 6316s and the 3806 Nokia Mobile Nokia 1506 is physically tough we can design a simple standard of the most simple and easy to use, because this phone memnag allotment for mobile beginner level. features offered and was also used to improvise is impressed with a monoblock design, navigation buttons in a metallic color, a video recorder, handsfree speaker, and performance long-lasting battery becomes interesting feature of this Nokia 1506. Nokia 1506 comes wrapped in black colors and plum. High glossy color. But when we look at nokia 1506 is quite unique and quite simply if only to communicate, additional multimedia features for the sweetened only just.

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